Episode Episode 39: “Farewell, Ultraman”
Alias Transformation Mystery Man
Height 2 m
Weight 60 kg
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace Space
Features Controlling Zetton; transforming into Dr. Iwamoto
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown

This is a mysterious and enigmatic alien who controls Space Dinosaur Zetton.

Although he’s now commonly known as Alien Zetton for the sake of convenience, he seems to have been described just as Mysterious Alien in the script.

It’s assumed the aliens had watched for the opportunity to invade the earth for more than 40 years prudently.

The big one contains Space Dinosaur Zetton

His head apparently has the same appearance as Kemur appearing in Ultra Q and Ultraman.

The head of Alien Zetton seems to be attached with a different angle from Kemur, which made Alien Zetton look like a single-eyed alien. (Both of them are three-eyed actually.)

And Alien Zetton doesn’t have the hair Kemur had around the neck, either.


In the close-up scene, we can see Kemur have had eyebrows.

The shape of the hands is also different though it remains unknown what the body looks like due to the business suit Alien Zetton wore.

Because he sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter disguising himself as Dr. Iwamoto.

While a group of their spacecrafts approaching the earth with the VTOLs in action to intercept them, he made Fuji fall unconscious by wringing her neck and destroyed the machines of the control room.


Cornered by the other SSSP members and knocked to the ground by Arashi, he showed his true colors.

Shot by Hayata with the Mars 133, he vanished into thin air groaning the name of Zetton in agony.

The fact no one of the SSSP members didn’t refer to the alien as Kemur told us kids he’s a different alien from Kemur, leaving us a bit puzzled abut it.

I think we called him ‘Alien like Kemur controlling Zetton’ in my childhood with no choice at the time.

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