Episode Episode 3: The Gift From Space
Alias Mars Monster
Height 30 meters
Weight 10,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Mars
Features Coming out of eggs found in a space probe
Designer Undescribed
Sculptor Akira Sasaki (He says he doesn’t remember making it at all in a recent book interview)
Actor None (puppet)

Namegon (just called ‘Mars Monster’ in the show) is the monster like a slug with a creepily slimy body that appeared out of an egg found in a space probe that came back from Mars to Earth out of bolt after it was launched half a year ago and went missing.

Two tiny gold spherical objects were found inside the probe were stored in a safe at the Space Development Bureau, but they were stolen by a burglar who mistook them for gold bullion.


The burglar fled to an isolate island in a Cessna he forced Manjome to fly at gunpoint, and the volcanic heat of the island made Namegon hatched from one of the orbs.

After killing the burglar and his fellow with beam attacks fired from its sticking eyes, Namegon fell down into the sea and melt away while chasing Manjome.

The other orb that dropped on the floor while the burglar battled with Manjome was found and picked up by Ippei and, of all things, gifted to Yuriko with a chain attached to it as a necklace.


And the other slug monster emerged when the egg was accidentally warmed while Dr. Ichinotani assumed that the monster could possibly have been sent to Earth by Mars intelligent creatures as a warning to stop earthlings’ reckless space development.

Horrifyingly enough, this episode ended with the scenes in which Namegon was slowly approaching the people with an ending narration stating another formidable monster could be sent to Earth that would grow larger and stronger by seawater as the second gift from space unless space development competition for political purposes is put to an end.

The name Namegon simply came from the Japanese word for slug ‘namekuji.’

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