Newly made B Type Ultraman

Newly made B Type Ultraman

A costume of Ultraman is inevitably damaged through the shooting, and it needs to be replaced by a new one in a certain period of time.

The transition of Ultraman’s mask from A Type to C Type came about through that process.

B Type Ultraman has the most appearances in the number of the episodes.

So, if it should not have been changed to C Type, B Type Ultraman might have been the standard Ultraman.


Incidentally, the reason why it was changed to C Type instead of using a newly molded B Type mask remains unknown.

It seems that Tohl Narita, who designed Ultraman, thought C Type Ultraman was the complete Ultraman.

Akira Sasaki, who sculpted the mask of each type, seems to be most fond of the B Type mask.

In fact, there are a great number of the fans addicted to B Type Ultraman.

I may be one of those.


And it’s likely the production people include such enthusiastic B Type fans as well.

Because we can see a newly made B Type costume of Ultraman recently.

Though I didn’t see it, it appeared in a recent movie of Ultraman featuring Ultra Brothers.

The mask is not from the original mold, but the stuffed muscles and the patterns of the body unique to B Type Ultraman are also imitated.

Their playful mind is great fun to see!!!

The original B Type Ultraman

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