Newly released plastic models of Ultra


The other day I came across plastic models newly released of the SSSP and UG equipment and bought them immediately.

They are Jet VTOL, Special Submarine S Series (S16) and Ultra Hawk1.

As you know, the first two are the aircraft and submarine the SSSP possesses and uses.

As shown with a CD on the side for comparison, they are small plastic models which can be easily assembled.


Actually I found Ultra Hawk 1 at a shop first by chance.

And I learnt the Jet VTOL and Sumarine S Series were already on sale.

Finally I also found them at another shop.

The lineup is likely to include the Mini-VTOL in the days ahead as well.

We had such a series of plastic models in the past as Space Battleship Yamato Series about more than 20 years ago in Japan.

Yamato is a TV animation series broadcast in the 1970s.


It was a very much popular series with several movie series included.

I’m a fan of the first TV series actually.

As the first series of Yamato was remade recently, plastic models of the spacecrafts appearing in the series went on sale as well.

These models featuring Ultra followed the Yamato plastic model series.

As I’m so busy everyday, I don’t think I have time to enjoy assembling these plastic models for a while.

I bet I’ll let you know when I have made them!

(Regrettably looks like Hawk 1 doesn’t separate into three.)

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