Newly Released Space VTOL!!!


OK, now it’s about the Space VTOL I bought together with the big soft vinyl figure of Ultraman.

This should be the newest product among the ‘Mecha Collection Ultraman Series’ I posted previously following the Jet VTOL, Ultra Hawk 1, S-submarine and Mini VTOL.

Although they are so tiny and can be built quite easily without glue, they look pretty nice and realistic enough.


The distinctive feature of the Space VTOL is that an equipment called the Hydrogenated Sub Rocket is attached to the airframe of the VTOL to enable the aircraft to fly into space.

The Hydrogenated Sub Rocket was developed by Dr. Iwamoto and the Science Center and was used for the first time in Episode 16 ‘Science Special Search Party into Space’ of Ultraman in which Alien Baltan (II) appeared.

Space VTOL with the Hydrogenated Sub Rocket  (Ultraman, Episode 16)

While I haven’t assembled any one of the above plastic models yet including this Space VTOL, I can’t resist buying it everytime a new release goes on sale!

The product to be released next seems to be the Vellucidar (although I think it had been spelt as Belsider before, it may have been changed. Vellucidar looks better to me) and the SSSP vehicle (I prefer the Pointer).

Let me show them to you again when I’ve got the new ones!

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