No Ultra without Narita

Statue of Man, Seven and Human (far left) by Tohl Narita

I wonder what you would think of Tohl Narita by my previous posts.

When I first saw the picture of “Statue of Man” in the book “The Art of Tohl Narita” (above) and on Internet, I had a slight sense of strangeness to be honest.

It looked so much different from actual Ultraman.

I’m familiar with Ultraman with no color timer through his art works.


But the statue looks so rough and has a different image from Ultraman we’re familiar with.

But now I find the statue very beautiful after all.

The more I look at it, the more beauty of form I find.

Maybe you can see it through the photos of different angles.

The one from the back or from underneath makes me aware of the beauty of the statue afresh.

That makes me realize Mr. Narita did a great job in creating the design of Ultraman.


No Ultra without Narita.

I renewed my notion that way.

Of course, lots of people were involved in producing the outstanding and epoch-making production.

But I still think Mr. Narita’s nobleness or spirituality as an artist contributed immeasurably to bringing the hero of all time into being.

It’s undeniable he did a great thing with great spirit.

I believe he and his work deserve so much credit for the success f Ultra.

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