Episode Episode 42: Ambassador of The Nonmalt
Alias Terrestrial Hominid
Height 1.7 meters
Weight 70 kilograms
Homeplace Undersea
Features Manipulating Guyros
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (three heads)
Actor Unknown

Nonmalt are the humanoids found to dwell undersea.

The crucial point about them is that they may have been the natives of Planet Earth ahead of the human race.

First of all, a boy appeared in front of Anne and warned her to stop the undersea exploitation by the Seahorse, undersea exploitation base, located right before their eyes.

As soon as the boy went away leaving a message that it would cause something terrible otherwise, the Seahorse exploded violently.

Seahorse Undersea Base linked with the base at the surface

Furthermore, the boy warned the TDF on a phone call to Chief that Nonmalt would fight resolutely if humans should invade the sea floor because it belongs to Nonmalt.

That made Dan wonder if there are any other Nonmalt than humans because human beings are called Nonmalt back in his homeland, Nebula M78.

Anne finally managed to find the boy (played by Katsunori Machida), who identified himself to Anne as Shinichi, and asked him why the Seahorse was destroyed.

Shinichi playing ocarina whose sorrowful sound is featured throughout this episode

Shinichi: “Because the sea floor belongs to Nonmalt.”

Anne: “What is Nonmalt?”

Shinichi: “True earthlings.”

Anne: “Earthlings?”

Shinichi:  “From the time immemorial, since long before humans, they have lived on Earth. They were driven away into the sea by humans. Humans now think themselves as earthlings, but you are actually the invaders!”

“No way…” Anne resisted

Anne: “Humans are invaders of Earth? No way, no way…”

Shinichi: “It’s true!”

Anne: “Are you Nonmalt?”

Shinnichi (leaving her question unanswered): “Humans are sly. Always selfish. You have gone so far as to drive Nonmalt away even out of the sea floor. […] If humans do it, Nonmalt will do it, too.”

When Shinichi was gone with Dan’s emergence, Kaiju Guyros appeared and started raging in the sea.

Nonmalt shot the TDF members dead who tried to capture Shinichi with laser shots.

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