Noriyoshi Ikeya’s Great Design Work For Ultraseven

Young Ikeya shown in the ‘Another Stories’

I saw Noriyoshi Ikeya appear in an NHK TV special titled ‘Another Stories’ that featured Ultraseven while it aired days before the Ultraman 50th Anniversary Special.

As its title shows, it was a TV special about ‘another (behind-the-scenes) story’ of the Ultraseven production as of 1967-1968.

And its detailed coverage of Ultraseven were much more fun than the Ultraman 50th Anniversary Special as it feels like the latter covered things in a way that could look a bit frivolous.

What was most impressive to me about the ‘Another Stories,’ Ikeya was covered for quite a long portion of the show.


It is said that Ikeya monsters including aliens have no pupils because it shows the grief they have as they are not human beings but beings that are unaccepted in the human societies or beings to be forbidden to exist and to be driven away from the human societies.

A similar thing was referred to by Ikeya himself in the ‘Another Stories’ show.

In book interviews, he states that it’s not that he joined the Ultra Series crew because he loved monsters or tokusatsu but he found tokusatsu so much impressive when he saw Ultraman Episode 15 ‘Terrifying Cosmic Ray.’

And he made up his mind to join the crew thinking he would want to do it if he could make such an attractive image.

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