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From Ultraman Episode 13

In my yesterday’s blog entry, I wrote the wrapped box carried by the pedestrian (Senkichi Omura) when Alien Waiell assaulted him was a box meal from Masudaya, but I have to tell you I was wrong.

When I reread the memoir authored by Hiroko Sakurai, the scenes in which the box meal from Masudaya appeared were those you can see in Ultraman Episode 13 while I wrote Ultraseven Episode 2.

At the outset of Ultraman Episode 13, a drunken man (Sakae Umezu who passed away last year at the age of 88) walking staggeringly (even dancing) with a box wrapped in red paper can be found while he saw Pester appear from the water.

Same as above

According to Sakurai, the wrapped box was a box meal from Masudaya called Akachochin Bento or, abbreviated, Akachin Bento regularly wrapped in red paper.

As to the content of the Akachin Bento as well, the description as they were often mere rice balls was from another memoir written by Kenji Sahara who played Jun Manjome, protagonist in Ultra Q.

In Sakurai’s book, she says the Akachin Bento often had the same content with plain white rice (not rice balls) in large part and a few other unvaried simple foodstuffs.

Same as above

Meanwhile, Tetsuo Yamamura says in a book interview they were provided with proper box meals instead of the Akachin Bento in the Tsuburaya products so it is a bit confusing.

Yamamura and Akihide Tsuzawa who played Hoshino in Ultraman say in their talk covered in a magazine that wheat tea was made in a huge kettle as it was boiled in the back of the Bisen Studio where the original Ultra Series were being shot and was taken to the shooting locations with ice in it in summer so that the cast and crew could enjoy iced wheat tea.

What an idyllic time…

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