Orthodox monsters of “Ultraman”

Red King (Episode 8)

The Ultra Series has a variety of monsters and aliens as described in the previous posts.

As you can see, it has unique and funny ones but there are, of course, typical and orthodox ones which take the high road as well.

Red King is a typical one which was supposed to be one of the ultimate monsters.


I hear It was produced as Ultraman’s supposed arch-rival and the name “Red KIng” derives from the relationship with “Redman.”

Red King II (Episode 25)

Redman was the provisional title for the product and the hero.

Though we hear the voices questioning why Red King is not red in color, the above is likely to be the reason.

Red King appears twice in “Ultraman.”

Though showing overwhelming viciousness in battles with the other monsters, it was no match for Ultraman.


It may have fallen short of Ultraman’s arch-rival regrettably.

Gomora (Episode 26 & 27)

Gomora is another orthodox one, and it’s featured in the two-part episode of “Ultraman.”

Gomora is so strong as to defeat Ultraman at least once.

Tohl Narita says in his art book he was going to design a typical two-legged monster for Red King and modeled after the samurai helmet of Nagamasa Kuroda (1568-1623) for Gomora.

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