The other designs for Ultraman


The above is another hero design (Bemular) by Tohl Narita.

Looks like he wanted to give the surface of the face and body diamond cuts.

You can find a trace of the idea on Ultraman’s eyes which have diamond cuts.

The instructions given to the drawing show he was thinking of something between a space suit and an armor.

It looks like a Samurai warrior with an armor and helmet to be sure.

With a crescent-shaped decoration on the helmet.

The protector-like parts on the upper arm may be the origin of Ultra Seven’s protector.

This Bemular design should have led to Redman.


There is another version which looks very much different as below.

I guess this is a hero design drawn before the final version, maybe after Redman.

The head design may have been replaced by this as the body looks almost the same as Redman.

It is interesting to learn its patterns on the body are in blue instead of red we are familiar with as Ultraman’s body design.

I hear the red patterns on Ultraman’s body came from the patterns on the surface of Mars.

We can imagine it should have been such a task even for Mr. Narita to create a new hero no one had never seen before.


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