Oval-shaped or narrow-cornered eyes?

Ultraman Agul (left) and Ultraman Gaia

“Ultraman Gaia” unusually features two Ultramans which are Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul.

As posted yesterday, Ultraman Gaia was modeled after B Type Ultraman.

And it’s interesting to see that Ultraman Agul has a mouth quite similar to that of Ultra Seven.

As you can see, the entire appearance evokes that of Ultra Seven with the crest like Seven’s Eye Slugger and a lamp on the forehead like Seven’s Beam Lamp though it’s not clearly seen in the picture. (Sorry!)


I find the design of Ultraman Agul attractive enough as well.

Another point that was impressive to me regarding the Heisei Ultramans was the shape of their eyes.

I think most of the Japanese people acknowledge the eyes of Ultraman are oval-shaped.

But, now that you look closer, you’ll be aware that the corner of the eyes are rather narrow.

In fact, Returned Ultraman had the oval-shaped eyes.


The eyes with the narrow and slanting corner of Ultraman had not been imitated since then.

That’s why many people think the eyes of Ultraman just oval-shaped.

But the Heisei Ultramans have the slanting narrow cornered eyes rightly.

This is also the work that makes me feel the producers’ respect for the original Ultraman.

I think it’s a great job which deserves admiration!!!

Ultraman Tiga

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