Owl Housing Complex Mirroring The Changing Society

Akiji Kobayashi as Sato, not Cap. Muramatsu who quit the SSSP

It was fun to find Captain Muramatsu of Ultraman played Sato (Sato is one of the most common names among Japanese) with his excellent performance in Episode 48 ‘Who Are You?’ of Ultraseven.

This episode also seems to mirror the social situation of the time in which rapid urbanization led to poor interpersonal relationships in Japan.

The scenes in which Sato’s neighbors say they don’t know Sato at all with one mouth may give you chills.

Owl Housing Complex (actually Tama Plaza Housing Complex in Kanagawa Prefecture ) home to 15,000 people

But we now see the ongoing urbanization bringing about almost the same circumstances here in Tokyo where people don’t know each other while living in the neighborhood.

I think you will often find an episode with a housing complex shown in the drama among the shows of the older Ultra Series.

That tells us how popular such danchi (housing complexes) were among people at the time.

The characters’ lines about late TV shows make us realize that times have changed so much.

The real complex hidden underground during the night with the people under hypnosis

While Sato apparently dropped by at a bar for a drink after work, it was also the time when Japanese people were called ‘workaholic’ by those outside Japan.

Although I don’t hear the term so much anymore, getting back home late at night after work is pretty common in Japan even now.

Given Alien Huk failed to include Sato when disguising themselves as the residents, the aliens (the name came from Hukuroh that is the same as Fukuroh in Japanese) should have taken account of the Japanese work habits!

Peace restored in Owl Housing Complex

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