Episode Episode 18: The Rainbow’s Egg
Alias Underground Monster
Height 30 meters
Weight 20,000 tons
Homeplace Ibaraki Prefecture
Features Feeding on uranium; breathing out a molecular structure destruction beam
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (only the head with the body remodeled from Toho’s Baragon)
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Pagos is the monster set to have once appeared in the suburb of Beijing to attack a uranium storage facility as the monster feeds on uranium.

Pagos breathes out a molecular structure destruction beam that looks like a golden rainbow to the human eye, and the rainbow came out in Japan while sasame bamboo flowers bloomed by coincidence on the same occasion whose blooming is alleged to be ominous.

After Pagos tried to go at a uranium transporter vehicle, the uranium capsule came off and fell down a cliff.


And a girl, Piiko (Hikaru Shirakawa), mistook the capsule for the rainbow’s egg while she heard and believed that it would make any dream come true, and she attempted to drag it to her grandmother on wheelchair so that the egg could enable the old woman to walk.

While Pagos failed to attack the girl, the monster made its way for the futuristic industrial city under construction with a nuclear power plant.

The shots of the Neo Neutron Missiles, however, decayed Pagos instantly.

At the sight of the girl who came back safely, the old woman stood up from the wheelchair spontaneously and walked steps toward her in delight (I always find these scenes so moving).

Piiko dragging the uranium capsule she believes to be the rainbow’s egg

The capsule truly turned out to be the rainbow’s egg for them (aside from whether allowing a uranium capsule to be dragged by a girl is appropriate or not by today’s standards).

Although it’s a monster remodeled from Toho’s Baragon, Pagos is quite an attractive kaiju that looks so massive and stately (no surprise because it was played by Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla actor).

It seems that Pagos was to reappear in Episode 9 ‘Operation Uranium’ of Ultraman, but it ended up being replaced by Gavora as the suit had already been converted into Nelonga.

That’s why both Pagos and Gavora are the monsters feeding on uranium and Gavora was dealt with as a monster already known by people in that episode.

“No, go away!” Piiko trying to protect the rainbow’s egg she believes would cure her grandmother’s disorder with Pagos approaching

2 thoughts on “PAGOS”

  1. How come they changed it? Did they want to distance Ultraman from Ultra Q or did they just want to introduce a new kaiju to the audience? While I’m curious, I’m glad they did so because I like Gabora more than Pagos. Pagos is really cute in its plainness, but I think Gabora has much more going on with its design.

    1. I know what you mean. Gabora is more impressive with the fins!
      I think they should have thought it would be much easier to convert Nelonga into Gabora rather than replacing the head with that of Pagos.

      Also, as you pointed out, they may have found it better to have a new monster from a merchandising standpoint.

      I think it’s least likely they wanted to separate Ultraman from Ultra Q as products given Kemur appeared in the later episode of Ultraman.

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