Episode Episode 48 & 49: The Greatest Invasion in History
Alias Twin Headed Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 15,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Ghose
Features Manipulated by Alien Ghose
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama (remodeled enormously by the art crew on the set)
Actor Unknown

Pandon is the space monster manipulated by Alien Ghose.

It has the entire body all red and bird-like beaks on both sides of the head, and It breathes out high-temperature fire from the beaks alternately.

Just like Zetton of Ultraman, it emerged out of the large Space Carrier that came flying from space.

While Ultraseven’s Superior tried to hold him back, Dan transformed into Ultraseven and stood up against Pandon to protect the Ultra Garrison members despite his serious physical disorders.


Whereas the shot of his Emerium Beam fell short of reaching Pandon and his Eye Slugger was knocked down by the monster due to his energy shortage, Ultraseven just barely won by chopping off the monster’s limbs with Eye Slugger held in his hand.

But the monster’s body was recovered overnight by Alien Ghose while Dan was dangling between life and death because of the further damage the fierce fight inflicted on him.


Dan who managed to keep alive said a difficult goodbye to Anne telling her about his true identity and transformed into Ultraseven before her eyes to save Amagi held captive in Alien Ghose’s underground base.

When Amagi was rescued by Ultraseven and the aliens’ base was blasted by the unmanned Magmarizer, Pandon cyborged by Alien Ghose emerged with its bionic arm and leg.

Cyborg Pandon caught Eye Slugger thrown at it in mid air and slowly approached Ultraseven showing off the space boomerang.


When Cyborg Pandon hurled Eye Slugger at Ultraseven after the UG’s attacks put the monster off balance, it had its head sliced off with the boomerang manipulated by Ultraseven’s psychokinesis.

Having fought through his last-ditch battle for humans he loved, Ultraseven flew away into the dawning sky to go back home.

Incidentally, the monster’s name deriving from ‘Pandora’s box’ was initially ‘Bandon’ when the show was aired in my childhood (I don’t remember it. Its name was not referred to in the drama).

And it’s been called ‘Pandon’ instead even officially since the name was misprinted somewhere.


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  1. I can’t resist sharing my Pandons! I’ve liked Pandon from the original Ultraseven for a while, and liked how they updated him recently, and then again as they returned to a classic form for the new Ultraman Orb. Shown in the image are King Pandon, Maga Pandon, original Ultraseven Pandon, and a very tiny reconstructed Pandon.

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