Pastoral Ultra

Banila (Given the seemingly discolored and deformed face, I guess this photo might have been taken after the shooting)

As I wrote before, the idea of merchandising was very much primitive in the early days of the Ultra Series.

So the photos for merchandising of the monsters were not taken at the very beginning of the series.

Looks like they began to be taken after the program started to be broadcast.

What is interesting is that the pictures showing the front, side and back views of the monsters were taken with a very much pastoral country view in back.


It’s irresistible fun to see the pictures of the monsters taken with a cabbage garden aside.

Incredibly, this is the scenery of an area of Tokyo at the time.

Alien Zarab in the cabbage garden

In those days, the early Ultra Series were shot in “Tokyo Bijutsu Center,” abbreviated as “Bisen” among relevant people.

Bisen was located in Setagaya of Tokyo with Tsuburaya Productions nearby.


It’s known that the set of the control and command room of SSSP and Ultra Garrison was built in the studios of Bisen.

And all the SFX scenes with the monsters and the Ultra heroes were shot there as well.

The people involved in the production at the time say with one mouth that the studios were very much shabby buildings with a corrugated metal roof.

It’s amazing to learn the series were shot in such an environment.

But I love the pastoral scenery with monsters.

Ultraman (B TYpe mask) with a pastoral scenery of Tokyo in the late 1960s

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