PEGUILA (Making)

Tohl Narita: “This is the first work I designed when I started working for “Ultra Q” while there was already a design (drawn by someone else).

“It was a monster with a penguin applied to the design, and, based on this, I designed Peguila through the process of creating revised designs with fangs , feathers and such.

“Although Peguila has feathers as my ideal form in the design and illustration, we settled for a sheet of latex instead in sculpting.”

Peguila is known as the first Ultra Kaiju created by the combination between Tohl Narita as the designer and Ryosaku Takayama as the sculptor.

It allegedly originated from a draft drawn by Yasuyuki Inoue who was with the Toho Special Art Division and was also involved in designing Ultra Q kaijus before Narita (and Takayama) joined the production of the show.

While Narita says it was from a penguin, Peguila looks more like a sea mammal such as a seal, and it is said that the horn was attached while being sculpted by Takayama as Peguila in the design drawings originally has no horn.

It is explained that the costume initially didn’t have the lumps on the skin and that they were added to it on the set.

The photo shown below with Peguila, Garamon (the “Garamon Strikes Back” version) and Kanegon in it along with Eiji Tsuburaya and the Ultra Q main cast members is very famous.

Peguila also appeared in publications back then in color alongside of the other monsters, and they show us what colors these monsters actually were while “Ultra Q” was a black and white TV show.

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