Episode 14
Episode Episode 5: Peguila Is Here!

Episode 14: Tokyo Ice Age

Alias Freezing Monster
Height 40 meters
Weight 20,000 tons
Homeplace South Pole
Features Breathing out a freezing beam of -130 °C
Designer Tohl Narita (allegedly based on the original draft drawn by Yasuyuki Inoue, Toho Special Art Division)
Sculptor RYosaku Takayama
Actor Yukihiko Kiyono (same as Chandlar)

Peguila is the biped monster living in the South Pole that has wings (or flippers), and it gets wrapped up with a black smoke (the monster gets out of view) when flying.

Peguila’s face looks like a sea mammal such as the walrus or seal with fangs and a horn, and it characteristically has a sleepy look with half-open eyes almost all the time.

It breathes out a freezing beam (fog) of -130 °C (-266 °F) that also brings about anti-gravity phenomena making everything soar into the air while it’s blown.

Episode 5

Peguila is vulnerable to a substance called Peguimin H that can be taken out of South Pole’s moss (fictionaly).

While Peguila appeared twice in Ultra Q: Episode 5 and 14, it was repelled by being shot with an observation rocket loaded with the Peguimin H when attacking the South Pole Observatory in Episode 5.

In Episode 14, Peguila came flying to Tokyo on its way to the North Pole as a high temperature caused by a nuclear power plant accident made the South Pole uninhabitable for the creature.

Episode 5

And Peguila was driven away once more by an Cessna that plunged into it with the Peguimin H on board while the airplane was flown by a former Zero fighter pilot Sawamura at the cost of his life.

It is noteworthy that Peguila is the first, commemorable Ultra monster created by the combination of Tohl Narita and Ryosaku Takayama that was to produce many popular kaijus for the First Trilogy adored by people even today although Narita said he had designed Peguila based on an artwork drawn by Toho’s Yasuyuki Inoue.

There has been an explanation describing Chandlar that appeared in Ultraman (remodeled from Peguila’s suit) as Peguila’s younger brother kaiju since my childhood.

Episode 14, Peguila with wide open eyes looked so scary in the show…

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