People Inspired By Ultraman & Ultraseven

The Ultra Series have influenced a lot of people who have grown up with them, and that includes those who are playing active roles in a variety of fields encompassing the Japanese astronaut, Satoshi Furukawa, who flew to space in 2011 to work in the International Space Station as one of the crew members carried by the Soyuz spacecraft.

It is widely publicized in Japan that Furukawa aimed to become an astronaut inspired by Ultraseven he watched on TV as a kid.

And some of professional fighters are also known to have been influenced by the Ultra Series including a famous professional wrestler as they wished to make themselves as strong as the Ultra heroes when they were kids.

As the wrestler is from Osaka where the Osaka Castle is located that was ruined by Gomora in Episode 27 of Ultraman, he says he went to see what actually happened to the castle by bike skipping school with one of his friends after he watched the Gomora episode the night before.

He says, when they found the castle remained the same as it had been, they were just dumbfounded at the sight without being able to understand what took place.

And he says he started learning a martial art to avenge Ultraman when he watched the final episode of Ultraman in which the hero was beaten by Zetton.

Incidentally, I have heard the Osaka Castle story continues like he asked a cleaner at the castle what happened to the building which was supposed to have been destroyed by the monster.

True or not, the cleaner allegedly answered, “They fixed it working overnight.”

It was such an idyllic time when we grew up anyway.

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