Episode Episode 13: “Oil S.O.S.”
Alias Oil Beast
Height 50 m
Weight 25,000 t
Emergence Middle and Near East; Tokyo Bay
Homeplace Unknown
Features Breathing out a fire
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki; Yukihiro Kiyono

Pester is a unique-looking monster shaped like two starfishes joined together side by side with a bat-like face in the center.

It feeds on oil, and it presumably attacked oilfields and tankers in the Middle and Near East.

The Middle and Near East affiliate of the SSSP began their research on the incidents, but the cause remained unknown.

A few weeks later Pester emerged in Tokyo Bay.

Adorable face of Pester

In moving in the water, it emits a bluish mysterious flash.

The SSSP was unable to attack it easily in the bay because the monster was full of oil in its stomach and just like a bomb.

But Ide who got upset at the emergence of the monster shot it from the VTOL by reflex though Cap. Muramatsu stopped him.

That made Pester mad and allowed it to land on the oil refinery of Tokyo Bay.

Ultra Water Stream

Breathing out a fire, Pester got the refinery enveloped in flames.

The monster fell down under rocket attacks by the VTOL.

After finishing off Pester with Speceun Beam, Ultraman put out all the flames by Ultra Water Stream.

Just like preceding Dodongo, Pester needed two actors inside.

Dodongo had the actors in front and back, but Pester had them side by side.

The filming with water and flames seems to have been imaginably a tough task for the suit actors, but they did a great job.

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