Peter and Sudar

The monstrous fish drawn by Tohl Narita for ‘Fury of the South Sea’ (from his art book)

Tohl Narita writes in his art book that he designed Bostang almost just like a stingray shown in the photos he liked.

He also explains that the episode to feature Clapton (not the guitarist) was cancelled for reasons related to the shooting and that the kaiju ended up being switched to a stingray monster along with the episode replaced by ‘Space Directive M774.’

That makes me imagine the episode featuring Clapton could require miniatures of oil plants and it might have been the reason why it was left unproduced (or I also feel like I may have read so somewhere before).

As to Peter, he states he drew it just like Chameleon as it was adding that, whereas he made it a rule not to design mere giant versions of real-life creatures, he also felt he should be in no rush recollecting Peter should have been the first or second monster he designed.

Variations of the monstrous fish

Regarding Sudar, a monstrous fish-like creature was properly designed by Narita for the episode ‘Fury of the South Sea,’ but he says in the art book that the design was not used as the episode was plotted to feature a giant octopus from the very beginning.

The design Narita describes as an experimental design of a monstrous fish seems to have been the piece he liked, and he writes it would have become a representative monster if it should have been realized.

As described above, it should be good to remember it’s not that he always got to create a monster as he liked according to the intentions of the production members.

4 thoughts on “Peter and Sudar”

  1. I’ve seen this before around the internet. The first drawing, with the whiskers and the skeleton like body, is so striking and interesting. It makes me wish Tsuburaya would pick it up again and use it for a new monster now that sofisticated suits are easier to build. The bubbly head is a nice touch calling back to goldfish mutations produced by breeding. There aren’t many fish monsters with this shape, sadly. The only one that comes to mind is Gobul from the Monster Hunter games:

    1. Fish monsters should have been hard to handle whether it’s a costume or puppet, moreover, to be shot on the set with water used. If it’s today, it will end up being shown as a computer-generated character, but I absolutely love suit monsters played by actors! 🙂

      1. I like monster suits too but I think it’s fine if they use motion capture like in Godzilla 2014 and Shin Gojira. Especially with the latter since they made it look like an enhanced monster suit and not tried to create an actual “real” full size character like Hollywood CG tries to do. Computer animation (not motion capture with actors, which is expensive) is totally inefficient in tokusatsu shows so I’m glad they stuck to suits instead of mindlessly jumping on CG animation.

        1. Sounds great! Hideaki Anno seems to be so much addicted to costume monsters and miniature sets. It should be a tendency that can be shared among people around my age.
          Thanks for precious pieces of information!

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