PETER (making)

Peter design drawn by Tohl Narita: finalized design (above) and primary design (below)

Tohl Narita: “Chameleon – almost just as it is. I have had a principle not to merely make a real-life creature into its giant version, but on the other hand I was in the mood to go about it without feeling pressed. This should have been the first or second design I drew (for the Ultra Series).”

While the costume of Peter is alleged to have been sculpted by Ex Production that also made kaiju costumes for the Ultra Series including Hydra, I think it is a very well-made suit with a sense of being actually alive although the suit ended up inevitably exposing the shape of the actor (Haruyoshi Nakamura) who wore the suit with his knees bent.

Ryosaku Takayama about to remodel Bemlar into Gyango and Peter into Guesra

It is said that the costume was remodeled after the drama part was filmed and that the giant form of Peter had hair added around its mouth along with small mirrors embedded into the scales to make them reflect the light of flames in the scene of Peter being surrounded by fire.

The tongue that rolls out of its mouth also seems to have been added to the giant version of Peter.

It is said that such a remodeling could indicate what an unprecedented TV show Ultra Q was with an extraordinarily large budget spent on it as it started being aired after all the episodes had been filmed.

It is explained the Peter suit was put on display at the now-defunct amusement park Tama Tech for “Ultra Q Festival” held there in 1966, and it was remodeled into Guesra for Ultraman by Ryosaku Takayama.

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