Episode Episode 26: Blazing Victory
Alias Deep Sea Monster
Height 20 centimeters – 30 meters
Weight 500 grams – 15,000 tons
Homeplace Super-deep sea
Features Capable of changing the body size
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Unknown (One explanation has it that it was made by the Ex Production)
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura

Peter is an ultra-deep-sea organism whose scientific name is (fictionally) set to be alligetortoise.

While it looks like a chameleon and has an elastic tongue actually like the lizard, it’s capable of increasing and decreasing the size of the body as a chameleon changes the color of the body.

Although it’s a tiny lizard-like creature in water, it changes into a giant form in the atmosphere.

Joe and tiny Peter (with a live baby alligator used for shooting these scenes)

It’s kept as a pet by a professional boxer named Dynamite Joe while he found Peter foresaw his winning matches although Manjome assumed that it should be something like autosuggestion.

One day Joe hid himself with Peter as it predicted that it would be his turn to be knocked out in the upcoming world boxing championship match, and he was found to be working as a clown in a dinner show at a hotel (seemingly quite abrupt).

Peter grew to the size of 30 meters (presumably as it was exposed to the heat) in a mountain fire caused by a lightning strike.

While Joe attempted to lure Peter to the sea for downsizing, it mistakenly kicked oil drums on its way, and it’s alleged to have died in flames caused by the oil.

As its fictional scientific name shows, it seems that it was initially planned to be a monster with a tortoise-like shell on its back.

It’s well known that Peter was converted into Guesra of Ultraman.

Although I had believed Peter was made by Ryosaku Takayama for long, I have now realized it’s unknown who modeled the monster suit while it was definitely Takayama who remodeled the costume into that of Guesra.

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