Episode Episode 37: “The Littlest Hero”
Alias Friendly Rare Beast
Height 1 m
Weight 10 kg
Emergence Department store in Tokyo
Homeplace Mt. Oiwa
Features Revived by Geronimon
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Hiroshi Chiba (credited as Masahiro Oyake)

Pigmon is a monster known as the one friendly to humans which first appeared in Episode 8 The Wild Monster Zone of Ultraman.

The psychic ability of Geronimon revived Pigmon along with the other monsters.

This reborn Pigmon showed up somehow in a department store of Tokyo for this time and was taken into protective custody by the SSSP.

Pigmon asleep in the toy department

It’s fun to see him blink in surprise and get excited when he found the tin toy of Garamon in the toy aisle he wandered into.

Beside the Marzan‘s toy, Red King can be seen, which could be called a fatal reunion for Pigmon given what happened in Episode 8.

The tiny monster actually came up to warn the SSSP that 60 monsters led by Geronimon would be attacking them. (What a good guy!)

His words were deciphered by a doctor studying dolphin language nicknamed as Dr. Dolohin, which revealed Geronimon’s atrocious plot.

Maruzan’s Garamon

Pigmon cooperated with the SSSP to find out Geronimon, and they initially found Telesdon (reborn) and Dorako (reborn) there which were resurrected like Pigmon.

Pigmon tried to protect Ide from Dorako by drawing its attention, which sadly made the friendly monster lose his life again just as he did due to Red King in Episode 8.

His noble behavior makes him deserve the title of this episode indeed.

Pigmon blinks at the toys

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