Episode Episode 8: “The Wild Monster Zone”
Alias Friendly Rare Beast
Height 1 m (3.281 ft)
Weight 10 kg (22.05 lb)
Emergence Tatarajima Island
Homeplace Tatarajima Island
Features Good heart and friendliness to humans
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Shuji Fujita

Pigmon (Pigumon) is a monster described alias as friendly rare beast (literally translated from the Japanese term).

It’s a human child-sized monster awakened by intensified volcanic activity on Tatarajima Island along with Red King and the other monsters.

It’s a good and gentle monster which is very much friendly to humans.


The environment altered by volcanic activity made the island the wild monster zone with savage monsters battling with each other.

Pigmon is the only monster that has a tender heart among them.

And it devotedly took care of a Tatarajima Observatory crew member, Matsui, who went missing in an attack by monsters, supplying him with food and water.

And it guided the SSSP members to Matsui.


The adorable monster obviously looks just like Garamon of “Ultra Q.”

But no one mentions it in the drama though the world of “Ultraman” is supposed to be the same or linked to that of “Ultra Q.”

I could not help but wonder why as a kid at the time.

It seems to be explained now by Tsuburaya Productions that Garamon (from space) and Pigmon (on earth) happened to look alike by chance.


Incidentally Garamon is a space robot monster controlled by Cicada Man, but Pigmon is a creature on earth.

When Matsui and the SSSP members were attacked by Red King, Pigmon tried to lure it away by acting as a decoy.

Sadly Pigmon was trampled to death under a rock Red King threw down on it.

Pigmon reappeared in Episode 37 of “Ultraman” and still remains popular among people.

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