Playing the role of Ultra Seven. Mr. Koji Uenishi

Koji Uenishi on the right hand side

I found an article intended for children of the time in “Ultra Seven Pictorial” as above.

Let me translate it as below:


So popular! Playing the role of Ultra Seven. Questions to Mr. Koji Uenishi.

The secret of the star appearing in “Ultra Seven” !


Q.1: Your real name?

Koji Uenishi. Just the same as my stage name.

Q.2: What is your height and weight?

172 cm in height; 68 kg in weight.


Q.5: Can you tell us about any memories of childhood?

Let me see…

I dived in the ocean and speared fishes.

I crafted the spear myself…

It was great fun.

Q.6: What is your favorite sport? 

Ski, baseball, equestrian art…

I do any sport.

Q.7: What is your favorite food?

I’m very much fond of  meat.

But I eat anything.

I have no dislikes for food.

Oh, no. Really.

Q.8: What is difficult in playing Ultra Seven? How do you build your physical strength?

It is most difficult in playing how to wear expressions.

To build strength, I try to get a lot of nutrition and to do exercises such as baseball and bodybuilding as much as possible.


Q.10:  Who do you respect?

Toshiro Mifune.

I think he’s a respectable person both as a human and as an actor.

I want to become such a person as Mr. Mifune.”

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