Profiles of A Type and C Type Ultraman

A Type
A Type

When we are at it, let me show you the profiles of Ultraman with the A Type mask and C Type mask as well.

You will see that the entire shape of the A Type mask looks very much similar to that of the B Type mask.

The angles of the eyes and ears, the shape of the crest and the width of the mouth have much in common between them.

B Type
B Type

As to the C Type mask, the box-like ears appear to be just placed there.

I prefer to the ears of the B Type mask placed with a unique angle.

Also, the back of the C Type head is entirely painted in red, and it makes the face look more like a mask.

Regarding the A and B Type mask, the back partly painted in silver makes it look less like a mask.

C Type
C Type

Are you aware of a tiny projection inside the ear of Ultraman?

When I was younger, I thought it was the shape of the ears.

But I found it’s the switch for lighting the eyes and Color Timer respectively depending on the right and left.

In terms of the A Type mask, you can find the switches behind the ears.

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