Quarterly Magazine ‘Uchusen’ (Spaceship)


The Fantastic Collections were released from now-defunct Asahi Sonorama publishing company, and they started publishing the quarterly tokusatsu magazine ‘Uchusen’ (spaceship) in 1980 as well that often featured the primary Ultra Series.

The Uchusen magazine now continues being published by Hobby Japan that took over the publishing of the magazine after Asahi Sonorama was dissolved in 2007.

Asahi Sonorama was well known as a publishing company which had released flexi discs called sonosheets, a Japanese coined foreign word, that makes those around my age feel nostalgic.


As they used to release sonosheets about Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven featuring their songs, I have known the company’s name since my childhood.

It was the Uchusen magazine that properly dealt with the achievements of Tohl Narita and Ryosaku Takayama for the first time in history.

Therefore, much credit has to go to the magazine and Asahi Sonorama in introducing the feats of Narita and Takayama and helping them to be publicly acknowledged among people as today.

The covers of the Uchusen magazine featured the illustrations drawn by Yuji Kaida, kaiju illustrator I talked about previously, back then.


The writers who played leading roles for the articles of the quarterly magazine are found to be still active in publications related to the Ultra Series.

I really regret that I don’t have these magazines anymore as they went missing after I moved.

Ultra fans back then including me owe a great deal to the Uchusen, Fantastic Collections and Asahi Sonorama while they did a great job that helped to boost the Ultraman popularity that lasts even today.

I’d like to say a big thank you to them for giving us great happiness.

At any rate, the 1980s when we got to be blessed with excellent books and mooks of high quality was sheer bliss for Ultra fans like me.

2 thoughts on “Quarterly Magazine ‘Uchusen’ (Spaceship)”

  1. Uchusen Magazine was amazing to me when I first found it! I was excited by the depth of their coverage. It was a very specialized publication that went into detail about the subject of tokusatsu. They had a very good series of articles called Shin Keitai Gakuteki Kaiju Ron by Shinichiro Kobayashi that ran in the late 1990s and early 2000s where they analyzed the fine details of the Ultra monsters. I wish the articles in this series would be published as a book!

    1. Yeah, Uchusen was a really great magazine. I also hope the articles on Ryosaku Takayama including his kaiju sculpting diary will be made into a book!
      Shinichiro Kobayashi’s studies are definitely amazing. It was also surprising for me to learn his main job is a dentist!

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