RAGON (Ultraman Version: Making)

Ragon who appeared in Ultra Q reappeared in Ultraman as it shows the two series share the same universe in common: Ultra Q Ragon; Ultraman Ragon.

While the Ultra Q Ragon was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, as he was playing Ultraman this time, the Ultraman Ragon was performed by another actor, Umenosuke Izumi.

As the Ragon suit used in Ultra Q was made to fit Furuya, another wet suit body was prepared for Izumi while he also seems to have been a tall man.

Ryosaku Takayama; the flying dummy doll of Ultraman can be seen in the back along with another doll of Ultraman behind Red King probably in the Tsuburaya storage

The monster designed by Tohl Narita was sculpted and remodeled by Ryosaku Takayama.

The difference in appearance between the two Ragon suits is the presence of the breasts shown by the Ultra Q Ragon as she is set to be a female Ragon who has come ashore in search of her baby although I am not sure we were fully aware of the difference back then until it was pointed out in publications which became available in later years.

Two of the Ragon body suits are found with one of them hung on the wall; the boy holds the baby Ragon along with Chandlar being remodeled from Peguila in Takayama’s Atelier May

Whereas the same head should have been used for the two of them, the Ultraman Ragon head appears to show a moderate deterioration with his fins seemingly faded slightly.

Umenosuke Izumi is also alleged to have acted Gamera in the movies “Gamera vs. Guiron” and “Gamera vs. Jaiger” along with Antler at the Ultraman Eve Festival (so he was made to wear the Antler suit back to front) and Magulla in Ultraman Episode 8.

In addition, it is widely known among fans across the world that the body suit of this Ragon was reused for Alien Zarab in Ultraman Episode 18.

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