Episode Episode 20: The Undersea Humanoid Ragon
Alias Undersea Humanoid
Height 2 meters
Weight 100 kilograms
Homeplace Undersea at a depth of 5,000 meters
Features Coming ashore to look for its egg
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Satoshi Furuya

Ragon is a species called ‘undersea primitive humans’ fictionally set to have evolved from reptiles and to have been dominant on Earth 200 million years ago.

A strange object coated with a jelly-like substance was found in a fisherman’s net near Iwanejima Island.

Dr. Ishi (Jiro Ishizaki) assumed that it could be a Ragon’s egg blown up to the sea surface by the eruption of an undersea volcano.

He was an academic living on the island since he had been expelled from the academic community as he had claimed Japan would be sinking into the sea in the near future.


While he anticipated that crustal movement would submerge the island soon, Ragon that laid the egg came ashore.

Looking for the lost egg, Ragon rampaged around by wrecking a house after strangling a fisherman when he came across the monster in the darkness (I found these scenes so horrifying as a kid).

Ragon is assumed to be a docile creature originally, and it showed an interest in music played on the radio, so Manjome attempted to let people get away while luring Ragon with it.

Although people tried to escape from the island when it started being rocked by quakes, Ragon got in their way.

Fumiko offered to hand the egg over to Ragon

When the egg hatched into a baby Ragon, Fumiko (Megumi Tama), Dr. Ishii’s younger sister, realized that Ragon was there to seize the egg back, and she held out the baby to Ragon, saying, “This is your baby, isn’t it?”

Holding the baby, Ragon disappeared into the sea looking back at Fumiko as if saying thank you.

Just after people got out of the island on ships, Iwanejima Island sank into the sea.

Along with Kemur, Ragon is the monster played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya who played Ultraman later.

While Ragon reappeared in Episode 4 ‘Five Seconds to Detonation’ of Ultraman (played by Umenosuke Izumi), the Ragon in Ultraman is said to be a male and this Ragon in Ultra Q is a female as the latter has its breasts.


2 thoughts on “RAGON”

  1. Ragon is a better Creature of the Black Lagoon than the Creature itself! While superficially very similar, Ragon looks much more texture-rich than the Gill-man, with fins-like protrusion coming from all over the body, reminding of actual fish like gropers or stonefish.

    By the way, this is very remotely related but I am too curious: have you seen Shin Gojira? It seems like it’s the kaiju event of the year and I was wondering if you had any opinion on it. Sorry! I know this is an Ultraman blog 😝

    1. I haven’t seen it yet. While I understand what you mean, as you imagine, I’m in the universe with Ultra kaijus peacefully whatever happens out there. 🙂

      Ragon is apparently a monster designed while inspired by the design of Gillman as the name is from Lagoon. The features you referred to may be mostly attributable to the Takayama modeling.

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