RED KING (II) (making)

Still photo featuring Type B Ultraman and Red King II

As to Red King II, while it was seen as the kaiju who just reappeared, it is not that the design was redrawn by Tohl Narita and there is no description about it in his art books.

The difference between Red King and Red King II is only that Red King II conspicuously had whites in his eyes with the light from inside although Red King appears to have only black eyes as they were not lit up while it is said the eyes of the latter also had whites properly. Red King’s eyes had a mechanism to move its eye balls under the transparent domes instead of the light.

Takayama himself seems to have told in his sculpting diary that he made a new head for Red King II when the costume was restored to it after the suit was used as Abolas with the original Red King head replaced.

As the shape of the head looks the same as the original Red King, it is assumed that the new head for Red King II was cast out of the same mold as the original Red King.

Still photo featuring Type B Ultraman and Red King II

While this is chronologically one of the episodes with the Type B Ultraman suit used in it, the scene where they fight with each other looks much more stylish in a way with the Type B Ultraman and Red King II while the whites of his eyes made the kaiju look sort of more sophisticated than the Type A Ultaman head that might have looked mysterious or somewhat creepy and the original Red King head that looked much more wild like a beast.

As I especially like Type B Ultraman, the fight they fought was very much impressive along with the equivalent fought between Type B Ultraman and Alien Baltan (II) as the latter also unfolded, in Ultraman Episode 2, with the use of the Type A Ultraman suit and the original Alien Baltan that looks so much different from Baltan (II).

That being said, it never means I hate Type A Ultaman, the original Red Kind and the original Baltan as they are definitely attractive as well.

Regarding Red King (II), it might be a bit shame that it was portrayed too comically in this episode like a comical human character to be the biped kaiju designed to represent Ultraman kaijus while it was perhaps intended to be comparable to Godzilla in his movies.

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