Episode Episode 25: “Strange Comet Cyphon”
Alias Skull Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Japan Alps
Homeplace Unknown
Features Brutality & mightiness
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

This Red King is likely to be another individual of the same species as the first Red King which appeared in Episode 8 “The Wild Monster Zone.”

It’s described as Red King II for the sake of convenience in publication though it’s called just monster in the drama.

The association with the first Red King was not mentioned at all in the drama, either.

The SSSP members who saw Red King II also showed no emotional attachment to the reunion with the monster.

Strange Comet Cyphon

First of all Strange Comet Cyphon approached the earth on a possible collision course with it.

The computer calculation told the collision would be avoided within a hair’s breadth.

One thing people were worried about was possible hydrogen bomb explosions on the earth due to the cosmic ray emitted from Cyphon.

Eventually Cyphon safely passed the earth without incident.

Unbelievably enough though, a monster appeared in the Japan Alps with lost hydrogen bombs swallowed.

Bump in the neck

That was Red King II.

The monster was 20 kilo meters underground when Cyphon passed the earth, which avoided the explosion.

Moreover, the aggressive monster got involved in battles with the other monsters which showed up including Dorako from Cyphon.

A difference in appearance from the first Red King is that Red King II has the white of the eyes though the first one had them all black.

That gave Red KIng II a milder impression than Red King in a way.

And Red King II has a bump in the neck showing swallowed hydrogen bombs.

That means Ultraman cannot use Spaceum Beam on Red King II.

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