Episode Episode 8: “The Wild Monster Zone”
Alias Skull Monster
Height 45 m (147.6 ft)
Weight 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Emergence Tatarajima Island
Homeplace Tatarajima Island
Features Brutality & mightiness
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Red King (described just as monster in the drama) is a wild, brutal and aggressive roughneck monster.

He was awakened by an intensified volcanic activity on Tatarajima Island (fictional island) along with the other monsters appearing in the episode.

Despite his alias Skull Monster he hardly looks like a skull (to me).

In addition the name Red King is still likely to make a lot of people puzzled as he is not red at all in color.


Tohl Narita, designer, states in his art book he designed Silver King instead of Red King though it was put as the latter in the script.

According to one explanation, it was plotted to be an archrival monster against Redman which was Ultraman in the planning stage.

So Red might have come from the plot, and it might have resulted in silver (or off-white) in the designing and sculpting stage.

Red King vs. Chandlar

Skull might have been meant to be a metaphor for something horrifying kids at the time.

And the word King was enough to make us feel he’s such a strong monster.

If anything, he is a monster which looked just like a bully or a boss of the kids we had in our childhood.

He was finished off by Ultraman’s throwing technique without using Speceum Beam.

I think Ultraman fought fair taking account of Red King having no particular weapons.

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