Redman – “The Red Guy” #1


Having previously talked a bit about “Ultra Fight” that is, though in a funny way, a legendary show in various aspects, I would like to deal with “Redman” as it could be seen as a show produced in the same line as “Ultra Fight.”

The name “Redman” was used as the provisional title and heroes’ name in the planning stages of “Ultraman” and “Ultraseven” respectively so as not to have the real names stolen before they had been commercially registered.

And here is the hero who was actually named Redman while he is sung in the theme song as “the red guy (akai aitsu).”


With the style of the show resembling that of the newly filmed episodes of “Ultra Fight,” fights between Redman and kaijus are fought in every episode of the show as it aired from April to October in 1972 with 138 episodes in total (basically with each complete episode although the episodes from #94 through #99 seem to have been about a serial story).

It was a 5-minute segment aired from 7:30 am to 7:35 am from Monday through Saturday in the show titled “Good Morning, Kids Show (Ohayō Kodomo Shō)” while it is said that the hour-long kids’ show aired from 7:00 am daily including Saturday and Sunday started featuring the kaiju show segment when the Ohayō Kodomo Shō was renewed to avoid getting into a rut.


With the appearances of “used” kaiju costumes mostly from “Return of Ultraman,” “Redman” aired in the format of having “Kaiju Ojisan” (middle-aged man) comically played by the actor named Tetsuya Asado (1935-present) appear at the beginning and end of the segment every time to make comments on featured kaijus for the day spurring the excitement of kids viewers.

“Redman” differed from “Ultra Fight” in that the former had no commentary in it on what was going on in the segment unlike the latter that always had one as if it were a live coverage of the fight fought in the show.

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  1. Did somebody call me? Haha… While I had known about this show before, I was lucky that Tsuburaya released all episodes online. The show was kind of violent but unrealistic at the same time, and the fights seemed like they were unplanned before. The show was weird but enjoyable.

    1. I did… 🙂 Oh, I am so happy to hear that you found it enjoyable as it is such weird stuff! And your guess is right!

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