Redman – “The Red Guy” #2

“Red Fight!”

Just like “Ultra Fight,” with shabby- and cheap-looking stage show costumes used as well along with the suits actually used in “Return of Ultraman” and “Mirrorman,” the fights featured in “Redman” also unfolded in the empty fields.

It is hilarious to find the characters who appeared in the show were set to be around 45 meters tall although they were human-sized whichever way you look at it.

Sound effects to express heavy impacts when punches and kicks hit or they fall down on the ground were used while the exaggerated sounds made scenes having apparently human-sized characters appear look even more unnatural.


The fight scenes without any other sounds than the funnily heavy sound effects looked very much surreal with a strange presence and atmosphere.

Each episode started with a scene where Redman came across a kaiju/kaijus in the plain field and started fighting with his yell “Red Fight!” and particular posing.

He went so far as to force a kaiju into a fight with his “Red Fight!” call uttered in an assertive way while the kaiju looks so reluctant to fight even tying to escape from the hero before fighting,

While it seems that Redman is set to be from Planet Red located in Nebula Red although it sounds too easy, the low budget show didn’t allow the hero to use beam attacks that would necessitate the use of optical compositing (tokusatsu scenes have to be filmed with 35 mm films for optical compositing, but 16 mm films were used for “Redman”).


So the fights with kaijus were fought exclusively with the exchange of punches, kicks, grappling and throwing except that a beam attack from Redman was realized in Episode 137 with the use of superimposing technique the cameraman who filmed this series Shinichi Ōoka, the current president of Tsuburaya Productions, came up with.

Although depictions that could be seen as violent and cruel were often found in the series having a kaiju/kaijus pierced with the spear-like weapon Redman calls “Red Arrow” (the prop was the same as Ultra Cross used by Returned Ultraman) and so on, the kaijus who should have been destroyed reappear over and over in different episodes as if nothing had happened to them last time.

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