Redman – “The Red Guy” #3

“Red Fight!”

“Redman” was featured in the “Tokusatsu Hihō (secret treasure) magazine vol. 4 released last year in 2016 while the articles included an interview with Shinichi Ōoka (1947-present) who debuted as a cameraman with “Redman.”

Although I described him as the current president of Tsuburaya Productions in the previous entry, he now seems to be an adviser to the company after his retirement this year in 2017.

In the interview, Ōoka admits he is sort of amazed at the sudden rise in popularity of Redman so that it makes him wonder what is attracting those people to this show.

According to him, the filming of Redman was carried out in an unrehearsed way while they roughly arranged a filming plan each time without any scripts and, in the early stage, even without storyboards (he says they just had a written plan for each episode).

Redman fighting with Alien Icarus painted green just like Icarus who appeared in “Ultra Fight” in a bamboo bush although they are set to be 40 meters tall

Ōoka also says they started filming from around 8:00 in the morning until sunset with the kaiju costumes brought to the location being simply tied up on top of a microbus even without any cover.

They filmed the show in places accessible within 30 minutes by car from Tsuburaya Productions such as Ikuta in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, where private houses could have been caught on film if it is shot from the opposite side.

kaijus were such a trend in those days as it was called “the second Kaiju Boom” allegedly triggered by tokusatsu shows including “Spectreman” produced by P Production and “Return of Ultraman” following the first Kiju Boom the original Ultra Series (Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven possibly including Captain Ultra aired between Ultraman and Ultraseven ) brought about.

Therefore Ōoka and the other staff members seem to have had hard times to secure stage show kaiju costumes for “Redman.”

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