Replaced Cast: Ide And Anne #2

Toyoura-san, Hishimi-san and Bin-san from Tokusatsu Hiho Vol. 1

As to Anne in “Ultraseven,” it was revealed that the role was supposed to be played by Yoshiko Toyoura (pronounced as /toyo-ura/ or //toto-oora/) in the first place. Toyoura joined Toho as an actress prior to Yuriko Hishimi and seems to have appeared in TV dramas and Toho movies as a “Toho New Talent” actress back then.

It is likely that Toyoura was one of the 5th Period Toho New Talent actresses while HIshimi belonged to the 6th Period as those actors and actresses were chosen every year in those days (so the period number is associated with the year when they were selected).

Although Toyoura was chosen for the role of Anne in “Ultraseven,” she says she got out of it as he was picked for a Toho comedy movie starred by the popular comical band called “Crazy Cats.”


As a Toho actress, I assume Toyoura had no choice but to give priority to the appearance in a Toho movie while she says she dimly remembers she asked Toho if she would be able to appear in both the movie and the TV show “Ultraseven.”

While movies were in their prime with great popularity back then, it was the time when appearances in TV shows seemingly tended to be undervalued than those in movies.

Noriyoshi IKeya, designer who took over from Tohl Narita, says they were discriminated even when eating lunch at a restaurant in Toho as they were involved in TV shows instead of movies (I personally don’t like such a strong sense of territory).


Under these circumstances, it should have been only natural that Toyoura chose to appear in the movie rather than a tokusatsu TV show even though it was substantially the sequel to the unprecedented TV show “Ultraman” that marked a rating of 42 percent at most.

And it was decided that Anne was to be played by Hishimi instead as she herself says she was staying idle after the TV drama titled “Tenka No Seinen (The Young Man Under The Sun)” featuring an enthusiastic high school teacher in which Hishimi played a leading part regularly ended with 13 episodes while Koji Moritsugu was also appearing regularly in the show.

An issue of the magazine “Tokusatsu Hiho (secret treasure)” covered an article in which Toyoura-san and Hishimi-san met each other again in nearly 50 years and talked along with Bin Furuya while the same topic also appeared in Hishimi-san’s latest essay book recently released.

The UG uniform Hishimi-san initially wore in the show including the helmet seems to have been the one made for Toyoura-san as Toyoura-san left the show right after measurements were taken for her uniform.

4 thoughts on “Replaced Cast: Ide And Anne #2”

  1. Oh, that’s exciting to hear! I am eagerly looking forward to your blog post about Annu Mari’s connection to Anne of the Ultra Keibi Tai!

  2. Wow, thanks for even more amazing information! I had never known about Ishikawa as Ide, but I knew that there was another actress before Hishimi as Anne, even though I never knew who she was. Since it seems Tsuburaya likes to use actors and actresses that they have used before, I thought that maybe Annu Mari (Pattie from the Zambora episode of Ultraman) was the actress they first chose for Anne, and that was why they named the female Ultra Keibi Tai member with the same katakana as Annu Mari’s name. I’m sure that many other Ultra Seven fans have had the same idea!

    1. Your guess was so close! Let me talk about the relationship among Anne, Hishimi-san and Annu Mari in a post to come later!

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