Episode Episode 32: The Wandering Planet
Alias Mechanism Monster
Height 60 meters
Weight 45,000 tons
Homeplace Asteroid Din
Features Dwelling on Asteroid Din
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Yoshimi Kato

Riggar is the four-footed space monster that was found to dwell on the asteroid approaching Earth from the Asteroid Belt.

Although the name didn’t come up in the drama, the asteroid is called Din in the settings. (It’s rather recently that the name has been disclosed publicly. We didn’t know it as a child.)

And it was found that the asteroid itself was a time bomb making its way to the TDF Base.

Din had unmanned frontline bases on the surface giving out mysterious electromagnetic waves.

Asteroid Din that looks like an island and was described so in the drama

The electromagnetic waves disabled any communications and use of weapons while Dan, Furuhashi and Amagi were trapped there.

And the waves also left Dan unable to transform into Ultraseven so Capsule Monster Agira fought against Riggar instead.

Becoming aware that Din was on its way to the TDF Base, Staff Officer Manabe instructed to make the new Killy missiles, which were to fly at the electromagnetic waves, ready to destroy Din.

With the detonation time and the launch of the Killy getting closer every minute, Dan managed to blast the bases, which allowed him to turn into Ultraseven.

Mysterious frontline bases found on Din

Riggar seems to have been a robot monster and its head was emitting radio waves to steer Asteroid Din.

Ultraseven cut off the head with Eye Slugger and took it away to beacon the asteroid so that it detonated in a safe place after Furuhashi and Amagi were rescued by the Hawk 3.

Along with the story leaving the aliens who sent in the asteroid unknown, Riggar didn’t have much impact unfortunately.

But it seems the storyline itself can date back to sometime around Ultraman, which means the plot written for Ultraman saw the light of day at last.

Killy missiles ready to be launched

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