Episode Episode 43: Nightmare on Planet 4
Alias Planet 4 Android
Height 1.65 meters
Weight 160 kilograms
Homeplace Planet 4
Features Needing to be oiled; fussy about coffee
Actor Masahiko Naruse (commander); Bin Morizuka (police chief)

Robot Commander is the head of the robots of Planet 4.

The Scorpion with Dan and Soga aboard deviated from the orbit and drifted (actually was guided) to a planet that exactly looked like Earth while staying asleep during the sleep test in the fully automatic long distance rocket.

It was Planet 4 where robots dominated humans.

According to the commander’s memory device, although humans were dominant on the planet about 2,000 years ago, they were replaced by robots as they had become all lazy since they brought robots into being.

Fully automatic rocket Scorpion

As human labor force is resources indispensable to Planet 4, the robots plotted to invade Earth and colonize it in preparation for the shortage of humans expected to occur in the future.

Robot Commander always had with him Robot Police Chief who was making annoying sounds all the time like sucking a candy.

Robot Commander in his room

Robot Commander found to be in a strange room looking like a passageway needs to have a female human secretary, Ally, oil his gears at times.

Although Ally tried to shelter Dan and Soga, she was captured along with her lover who attempted to protect her.

They were taken to the execution site to be shot dead by firing squad, but the execution managed to be thwarted by Dan and Soga.

From left: Ally, Robot Police Chief with a whip and Commander

Dan transformed into Ultraseven and destroyed all the weapons including the Earth invasion army of Planet 4.

After Dan and Soga got back to Earth, the Ultra Garrison members laughed away their stories about the atrocious planet definitively assuming it’s a mere nightmare the two had while sleeping. (the same dream at the same time?)

Captain Kiriyama went so far as to tell the team members that the TDF would adopt the computer system for all the functions soon.

Ultraseven wiping off the weapons of Planet 4

It’s a blessed relief to have the ending scenes in which Dan and Soga forecast the next day’s weather with geta (traditional Japanese wooden sandals) playfully and peacefully having a big laugh.

Along with Soga’s seemingly abrupt addiction to horoscope depicted exclusively in this episode, the scenes are meant to contrast with the fully automatic rocket, Planet 4 dominated by robots and the TDF to be fully automated.

Dan, an alien, wearing geta even I hadn’t worn and, moreover, being aware of the traditional Japanese play was a big surprise to me as a child!

Incidentally, if the thrown geta/shoe turns over on the ground, it means ‘rainy tomorrow.’

Soga kicking off one of his geta into the air with Dan also in geta
Women’s geta (for reference)

2 thoughts on “ROBOT COMMANDER”

  1. It was quite a shock when Dan suddenly transformed into Ultraseven, burst out of the building and started smashing and destroying stuff…he was acting like a monster rampaging. Also, Soga somehow made it out in one piece after the whole building was blown up by Seven…

    1. Yes. 🙂 The story was actually shortened to fit into the proper length for the time slot. That’s why it was not depicted what happened to Robot Commander and Chief. I think I read somewhere that they were to be trampled and crushed by Ultraseven when they tried to escape on a jeep in the script.

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