Robots of “Seven”

Disjoined King Joe

In fact, a movie version “Ultraman” titled “Operation Giant” was plotted during its broadcasting period.

I hear a robot named “Napoleon” was to challenge the human beings in the story.

As the movie was not realized, “Ultraman” has no robots appear in its episodes.

Therefore, Ultra Seven is the first Ultra Hero who has battled with robots including U-tom posted yesterday.


King Joe

Above all, most attractive and popular is King Joe appearing in Episode 14 and 15.

Four separate parts of King Joe come to fly and combine into the robot.

It may have set a precedent for what is now called “coalescence robo.”

And it’s so strong as it makes Taicho Kiriyama amazed.

Kiriyama: The super weapons of Ultra Seven had no effect on it. It’s a formidable robot!

The spaceship of Alien Pedan is embedded in its belly.



Alien Pedan, not shown clearly in the drama, came to Earth for revenge mistaking the observation rocket launched from Earth for invasion.

But they change their mind to invade the beautiful planet.

Crazygon of Episode 38 is designed by Noriyoshi Ikeya who took over from Tohl Narita as Mr. Narita resigned Tsuburaya.

It’s a robot unidentified Alien Banda, suffering from iron insufficiency, sent in, and Crazygon carries away automobiles by putting them in its belly.

It looks quite unique.

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