Episode Episode 38: “The Spaceship Rescue Command”
Alias Sand Hell Monster
Height 45 m
Weight 40,000 t
Emergence Planet Q
Homeplace Planet Q
Features Breathing out sand cloud; inconspicuous
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

Saigo is a space monster dwelling underground on Planet Q.

In spite of the somber impression, Saigo compares favorably with  Keylla in strength.

In the battle with Keylla, Saigo overpowered Keylla initially taking a bite at Keylla, mounting it or breathing out sand cloud.

But Keylla’s flash light from its eyes caused Saigo to escape into underground.


Saigo emerged from underground before the SSSP’s Space Tank.

And then it was smashed into pieces by the SNK Missiles launched from the tank.

I think Saigo is the most low-profile monster among the monsters of Ultraman but Suflan.

Although Saigo is often described as a monster which digs a trap in the ground in wait for prey like an ant lion, there is no scene like that.

Sand Cloud Attack

At any rate, the darkness on Planet Q and the dark color of the body makes the monster so inconspicuous that I didn’t remember this monster in my childhood.

It’s a well-made monster in itself both in design and sculpturing.

The name Saigo means last or end in Japanese.

According to one explanation I heard, Saigo was supposed to be the monster for the final episode of Ultraman.

And Zetton was designed as an alien who controls Saigo.

The name Zetton came from the last letter of the alphabet.

Space Tank

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