Satoshi Furuya as Tai-in Amagi

Satoshi Furuya as Amagi (top left) with caption saying, “Mr. Satoshi Furuya full of hustle”

It is of much interest to learn publications for children of the time turned the spotlight on Koji Uenishi as the suit actor for Seven properly.

The publications also cover Satoshi Furuya as Tai-in Amagi of UG, of course.

The article about him goes like this:



Thanks to fans (strapline)

It is Mr. Satoshi Furuya who is full of hustle saying,’I was picked as the role of Tai-in Amagi thanks to fans,’ 

It means cheers from people he enjoyed as he played the role of Ultraman previously made it possible for him to appear.” 


As you can see, the article deals largely with him. (Even larger than Koji Moritsugu as Dan in the upper middle!)

It has more about Mr. Furuya:

  • He dreamed of becoming a jet pilot in childhood.
  • He bears Shodan (first degree of balck belt) of Karate, is a good first baseman of Toho (movie company) in baseball and good at volley ball as well.
  • He is good in playing the shamisen (three-stringed Japanese musical instrument) and at tap-dancing.

Mr. Furuya said in his talk show he learnt Karate when he was with Toho (movie company) but bears no particular degree.

Anyway, you can see their popularity of the time through all of these.

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