Satoshi Furuya, man who became Ultraman

Satoshi Furuya’s memoir “Man who became Ultraman”

Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, born in Tokyo in 1943, actor for the original Ultraman, published his memoir “Ultraman-ni-natta Otoko” (A man who became Ultraman) in 2009.

I was waiting for the release day, rushed to a bookstore to get it and read it through at once.

His memoir reflects the change of time from movie-oriented amusement to television in the 1960’s-1970’s.

He was an actor of Toho movie company.
He acted Kaijyu “Kemur-jin” and “Ragon” in Ultra Q.

Toru Narita, art director and designer for the early Ultra Series thoght Furuya’s thin, tall (over 180cm) and well-ballanced figure was most suitable for Ultraman.

Satoshi Furuya with Ultraman mask

Furuya did not have much interest in acting as a suit actor then.
He says he felt a great deal of dilemma in acting with a mask.
It should be only natural for an actor to feel that way.

Toru Narita tried in earnest to persuade Furuya into acting Ultraman over and over again.
He finally agreed to it.

Narita’s passion is also great.

Narita should have become fond of Furuya in large measure.

Unfamiliar with action in suit, Furuya was in lots of trouble.
He says in the book he was so frustrated as he was not able to act Ultraman as he wished at first.

Overcoming such difficulties, he acted Ultraman with heart and soul.

I want to say Furuya is sure to be our hero definitely.

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