Satoshi Furuya’s memoir 2

Mr. Furuya as Amagi

What I felt in Satoshi Furuya’s memoir is his very nice personality and humanity.
His warmth, gentleness and sincerity is very much impressive.

After acting Ultraman, he was selected to act “Amagi” in the next “Ultra Seven.”

Amagi is a member of Ultra Keibi Tai, defense team in the world of Ultra Seven.
Amagi is a very smart guy.

But, at the same time, he is sensitive and a bit cowardly.
In “Ultra Seven”, it is also depicted Amagi overcomes his cowardness.

Asked which is more preferable between Ultraman and Amagi, Satoshi Furuya answers in a book interview he can’t say which because both of them are the roles he cherishes.

He continues he himself was being often helped by someone rather than helped someone like Ultraman.

After he acted Amagi in “Ultra Seven,” he quit acting.

He went through lots of hardships as the president of an events company after that.

He was never heard from for a long long time.

But now he is back with us.

He should be at the age of 70 now but he looks much much younger and vigorous.

When I learn about Mr. Furuya’s personality, I really think it is so nice such a person acted Ultraman, our national hero.

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