Satoshi Furuya’s memoir 4

I remember I read a newspaper article sometime in the 1980’s if my memory is correct.

In a series of articles, Satoshi Furuya, then president of “Bin Promotion” he founded, talked about the days of “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven.”

Bin Promotion managed events including Kaijyu Show in various places all over Japan.

Such shows should have been so popular in the 1970’s.

One day in such an event, Mr. Furuya found a boy standing alone at the gate of the venue.

He asked the boy what was wrong with him.

The boy answered he forgot money to get in.

Mr. Furuya thought the boy was not able to prepare money for family reasons.

I also remember there were children at that time who could not take part in school trips for financial reasons.

He said to the boy taking him in by the hand,”Then, let’s get in with me.”

Once the boy got in the venue, his eyes sparkled.

The same story appears in Mr. Furuya’s memoir.

He says the experience gave him an idea to hold free Kaijyu Show staged by supermarkets, etc.

And his company developed.

He says he was helped out by children again.

His memoir is full of warm episodes.

I really like it.

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