Episode Episode 35: “The Monster Graveyard”
Alias Phantom Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 30,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace The Monster Graveyard
Features Timidity; Missing home
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Following Skydon posted yesterday, Seabose is another odd monster.

It was a monster drifting in the area of space named the Monster Graveyard where the monsters hurled into space by Ultraman and the ones expelled from another planet were drifting eternally.

On the same occasion, Japan’s first moon rocket entered the Monster Graveyard accidentally and returned to the earth with a monster never seen before attached on it.


That was Seabose.

Though the skeleton-like body makes him look exactly like a monster from a graveyard, Seabose was a timid monster which just kept crying out missing home by looking up to the sky.

The SSSP members tried to take Seabose back home by getting him tied up to the Moon Rocket 2 (I love this easy name!), but it failed as the monster pushed the rocket down and destroyed it.

Ultraman also failed to fly holding Seabose to take him back to space because time was up.

Seabose destroyed the Moon Rocket 2

At Hayata’s suggestion, the wrecked Moon Rocket 2 was converted into what looked like Ultraman to make the monster feel at ease.

Because Seabose knew Ultraman attempted to take him back to space.

The monster at a loss was led by Ultraman and reached the graveyard successfully.

For a monster hated and driven out wherever they are, the Monster Graveyard could be the only place to stay peacefully.

Seabose holds on to the Ultraman Rocket

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