Senkichi Omura

Senkichi Omura/Ōmura (1922-1991) is widely known among tokusatsu fans as an actor who often played a minor part eccentrically while he frequently appeared in the Ultra Series along with Toho movies including the kaiju films.

Even playing a bit part, his extraordinary presence was so impressive that he firmly remains anchored in our memory while he often played a victim of the case.

As far as the Kūsō Tokusatsu Series (original Ultra Series) are concerned, he appeared in Ultra Q Episode 1 as a construction site workman addicted to alcohol who first found Gomess showing up in the tunnel under construction.

In Ultraman Episode 29, he played a miner addicted to gold who was rescued out of the gold mine suffering from mental confusion and acting frantically in the SSSP underground tank Vellucidar/Belsider due to blood loss and a high fever.

In Booska (although this is not included in the original Ultra Series), he appeared in Episode 9 as a burglar dressed like a pirate who tried to steal boxes of dynamite and in Episode 30 as a school janitor falling down the stairs in surprise when he came across Chamegon.

In Ultraseven Episode 2, he acted a drunken office worker who was assaulted by Alien Waiell on his way home late in the evening, and, as you know well, the man shapeshifted into another Alien Waiell after he was brought in the TDF Medical Center.

Omura also appeared in Ultraseven Episode 41 as a man who witnessed a kappa (Alien Tepeto) when fishing.

It seems that he is also known to have creepily acted the human form of Alien Steal in Ultraman Ace.

Omura’s hobby is described online as horse riding.

Although he was not often covered in publications related to tokusatsu in life unfortunately, Omura was another actor who gained popularity among Japanese tokusatsu fans.

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