One day cakes suddenly disappeared at a confectionery store in town where Booska and his fellows live.

At the suggestion of an adult they are friendly with, Daisaku and his friends guessed the sweets should have gone to the “Candy Land.”

Booska said he knew where they could take a train bound for the Candy Land, and they boarded the train found at an amusement park (It was a real-life locomotive ride in the park) to get back the stolen sweets.

Booska and his fellows about to set off for the Candy Land

After that they wandered into mysterious, misty woods while Mīko said it should be woods no one could get out of there once they got in.

Seven magicians consisting of boys and girls appeared in the woods and troubled the kids with their magic which changed the kids into animals and trapped Daisaku in a crystal ball by shrinking him.

Seven magicians in the woods around the large castle-shaped cake they stole

Booska and six of the magicians went into an air battle, and, crashing into Booska in midair, they fell down to the ground.

And it was revealed that they had stolen the sweets to feed (unspecified) children who didn’t get to eat them.

Then all of them including children invited and Booska and his friends along with the seven magicians enjoyed eating the sweets until full.

As Daisaku and his friends awoke at the amusement park where they had ridden on the train, they found the seven magicians were the incarnation of the Big Dipper.

I find it moving that the seven magicians stole the sweets to feed other children not for themselves.

Among the seven magicians, a cute little girl can be found while the kid actress, Michiko Kondo, also appeared in “Ultraman” as a “boy” who found (Reborn) Pigmon in a toy department.

From “Ultraman” (below)

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  1. We don’t know too much about Booska, except for maybe one video I found, and the information you share, but we did just get a Revoltech Booska figure, which is a lot of fun! Here he is with Hanejiro, the tiny flying creature from Ultraman Dyna (he is in an episode that also has Booska!) Now to release Booska from the box!

    1. Wow, this is another great item! I didn’t know the collaboration between Hanejiro and Booska.
      Looks like the Revoltech figure is from the type A costume of Booska as the type A is rather flat while the rest of the costume heads are more round-shaped!
      Thank you for sharing the image of this excellent collection for us!

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