Seven, Man and Amagi

Seven, Amagi and Anne (not a picture of the drama)

Satoshi Furuya says in a recent interview for another book, when he got the role of Amagi, he was happy about it and also felt sorry for Tohl Narita at the same time.


Mr. Narita designed Ultra Seven supposing Mr. Furuya is willing to play the role following Ultraman.

But Mr. Furuya had an intention to act a UG member in “Ultra Seven.”

Mr. Furuya says in his memoir, when he told Mr. Narita as such, Mr. Narita looked so much disappointed.


Mr. Furuya says, when the shooting got started, he paid Mr. Narita a visit in the art room of the studio, wearing the brand-new UG costume Mr. Narita designed.

Mr. Narita looked dazzled and spoke to him in a gentle manner, saying, You look cool in the costume. I’ll build a dream along with Amagi this time.”


Koichi Takano, SFX director, introduced Furuya to Koji Uenishi, actor for Seven.

He asked Furuya to give advice to Uenishi through the experience of Ultraman if necessary.

Furuya responded with pleasure.

And the shooting of the SFX part got started.

In his memoir, Mr. Furuya says as below:


“I find Ultra Seven in the center of the set. […]

It looks strong visibly.

The movement makes me feel strength and weight.

I feel as if I ‘m looking at a samurai warrior of Japan’s olden days.

A totally different hero from Ultraman.

I hope children will like it soon.”

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