Emerium Beam and Eye Slugger

Emerium Beam

As you may have already known, Ultraman’s finishing shot is Spacium Beam.

Seven’s is Emerium Beam and Eye Slugger.

Emerium Beam is a beam shot out of Beam Lamp on Seven’s forehead. (I’m saying this uncertainly, but the name may come from the color of Beam Lamp which looks emerald green.)


According to the shooting pose, Seven has two types of it.

The power can be adjusted and the beam can be used either as a death blow or to make the opponent faint.

Eye Slugger is a space boomerang placed on top of Seven’s head to sever the opponent with a single blow.

Seven uses it either by throwing at the opponent or by holding it in his hand.


The origin of the naming is “Ultra Eye” which was a title of the product before the title was finarized as “Ultra Seven.”

Keisuke Fujikawa, one of the screen writers of  the early Ultra Series, named Eye Slugger before the title change.

He says he named it just as it sounds strong.

I didn’t know it was Eye Slugger as a child.

I thought it was Icelugger or something wondering why ice.


Akira Sasaki seemingly had a hard time in separating the head and Eye Slugger.

Because he made Seven’s head and Eye Slugger integrally molded and was told to make them separate after the head was completed.

Eye Slugger
Eye Slugger

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